Jasonest Jason // Dark Matter Thoughts

S P O I L E R S   A H E A D

Okay, humor me but there’s so much potential. After finishing Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, I realized that this isn’t my first foray into the multiverse. In fact, I am well aquainted with a rather destructive and humorous journeyer by the name of Rick Sanchez also known as C-137 also known as the Rickest Rick of them all.

So what’s the connection outside of the apparent science fiction element? Well, I wondered why Jason was able to succeed despite all of the odds stacked against him. Facing possibly hundreds of similarly status opponents, he out smarted countless versions of himself and convince Daniela he’s the One True Jason™.

That led me to thinking what would happen if the knowledge that we were an option and not a choice was ubiquitous? There could be a cult religion that championed the notion of a singular universe as the true universe. Everything else would be a tangent from a the initial stem. Obviously, that’s not how many worlds theory works but I have an inkling that people will conveniently gloss over it. I can just imagine the awesomeness to ensue if there was a book/movie dealing with flat earth conspiracy level of misinformation and a method to eradicate universes. This is getting out of hand but I want some high stakes bullshit the likes of Dwayne Johnson has not starred in yet.

In all honestly, I did come across a fan theory circulating the Rick and Morty fandom. In one episode, Rick contemplates suicide but decides against it being too distraught to even align his head underneath the death ray. However, many fans questioned the triviality of such an act. If Rick were to go down, he would take every version with him as well. While I’m glad that Dark Matter took a more realistic route, I think it could have been more ridiculous and not suffered for it.

☟ Tell me your thoughts down below if you’ve already given the book a read!



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