Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch // Book Review



I didn’t expect to lose brain cells when I read this but somehow my motor functions are failing me. Does the author think that their audience is stupid enough to be surprised by that “twist”? What’s most insulting is that there is no plot. I mean, if Lina just thought to read the entire journal or even ask Howard before jumping to conclusions there would have been no point to this book existing. Honestly, why the hell can she only read a few pages at a time? It’s a diary, not Dostoyevsky. The fact that the only thing propelling the plot are cliche misunderstandings is lazy and uninteresting. I figured it out the very moment her mother wrote the note. It’s a no brainer.

Beside that, I can usually excuse a basic storyline if the focus was on character development. Yeah, that doesn’t happen in this book. She just hangs out with this boy and falls in love with him in a matter of seconds. This is causing me to lose even more brain cells. Lina is nothing of a girl. Just a mere impression of one. I wish she spent less time thinking about Ren and more about, I don’t know, a father she just found out?

And there’s somehow a lot of tropes in this book but redressed as if I wouldn’t notice such as supportive, quirky best friend who might as well have no role in this other than trying to make the main character appear less denigrative towards females. Or the classic, “I’m pretty but I don’t notice yet tons of men still hit on me and there’s even some sort of rapey scene where I get saved so the readers understand that I am just that desirable”. I’m done.

export 7

What is creepier than visualizing two gelato cones making out? Not much else.

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