The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed // Book Review



The #MeToo movement is still ongoing and hopefully more victims will have the courage to talk about their experiences. This includes simply recognizing what happened to them as criminal and not justifiable in any way. Just as well, those who think what they’re doing isn’t abuse will realize it fucking is. On another note, the topic of rape culture and feminism sometimes don’t involve people of color or other sexualities. It can be complicated and The Nowhere Girls do not shy away from those topics.

There are many perspectives as the title suggests. It begins with a freshman girl, Lucy, who dared to name her rapists and hold them accountable. Unfortunately, due to the current climate at the time it doesn’t end well. Yet, it takes an outsider to rightfully rile emotions up again. Grace, Rosina, and Erin create a safe space for girls to voice dissent and eventually support each other. Turns out, there were many girls who not only believed Lucy but were victims, too. Being afraid no one will listen to your cry for help is more terrifying than pretending everything is okay.

Girls from numerous backgrounds are able to voice differing opinions. Not everyone agrees on what a women is or how they should behave. Discussions about sex, sexuality, expectations, race, and an amalgamation of identities/beliefs are acknowledged. This is done in a thoughtful manner and really delves deeper into intersectionality rather than present a shallow representation. Yet, one thing everyone agrees on is that Lucy was raped. She wasn’t asking for it and she couldn’t give consent. No one was doing her a favor by bestowing a pity fuck. Rape is rape.

Another aspect of the book that surprised me was no one except the rapists were vilified. People have their own struggles and corresponding defense mechanisms. Also, it points out that guys who see rape but don’t stop or report it as culpable. You might not be the one committing a crime, but you’re still hurting someone by your actions.

I can’t begin to recommend this book enough with its dynamic characterization. Even the rapists were outside of your typical narratives with blog posts that seem so authentic I feel I’ve read a couple online. I was totally invested in these girls’ lives rooting for them. This book gives hope.

☟Give this book a read and let me know what you think down in the comments!

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