Sheets by Brenna Thummler // ARC Review



Let me preface and say that the art was astounding. I love the line work that’s unsteady but demonstrates the presence of the hand. Even the choice of a deep purple to outline and shadow. It worked well with the overall color palette and enhances the feeling of nostalgia. There’s a scene in the book that illustrates Wendell’s past that uses ink prints and lithograph. I honestly think it’s creative to incorporate other forms of art making into this medium of storytelling.

This was a sweet story about growing up with the loss of a loved one. The debate of whether you should live with your ghosts or let them go is a prevalent conflict that not only Marjorie handles but her grieving father, too. It reminds us that a person means different things to others. In the light of a sudden death, sometimes it becomes a competition of who is hurting more when in truth, this is a time to reconcile. While the story doesn’t ever reach such gravity, it translates well for a younger audience. There’s a comical villain to rally against and mean girls who unjustly bullies the protagonist who’s mother just died. Oh, do you remember that one time you accidentally bumped into that popular guy? Well, he always had a crush on you even though you never spoke a word to him. It ends pretty much how you would expect it. Can I say deus ex machina?

I personally think that if the ending wasn’t so storybook, it would be more helpful in the long run. I mean, that’s kind of the point, life happens and it’s not always going to be in your favor but you have to make a decision to live it.

This fair review of an advance reader’s copy was thanks to NetGalley.


*This comic has some of the strongest spreads that really make the world building fantastic. I recommend picking this up for the artwork alone.

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