Weird Girl and What’s His Name by Meagan Brothers // Book Review



What happens when a straight girl fetishizes a gay guy? Or even worse, thinks that they can convince the guy to “be straight” for her in the hopes that their love will push past any boundaries.

One problem: Lula. Enough said.

(Side rant. Wow, ice that girl for the rest of your life Rory. That’s not even his name. She decided to call him that because he looked like a “Rory”. You know who does that? Assholes.)

I can’t even. She’s a menace to society along with a roster consisting of half the characters within the book. There’s supposed to be a point to all of these people if you can find it underneath the self-pitying sludge. And then they open their mouths and it’s practically game over. Aside from that, she’s not weird because she watches a show from the 90s. A borderline obsessive, try hard? Yes.

These are just dumb kids trying to find their individulality through other people’s work. Yet, there’s a zealous blind worshipping reminiscent of cult behavior that’s generally off-putting throughout the book. In the end, we just come full circle. Nothing has changed and there’s a happy ending for everyone involved. Yay.)

*Inflammatory Notes to Myself:
pg 35 “This really isn’t my cup of tea. Bored to tears especially considering the fact that I don’t relate to “nerd” culture. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Fringe? It’s as if X-files is standard requirement to call yourself a nerd. There’s just something so predictable about it all. Star Wars, Star Trek, Hitchker’s Guide. You don’t even have to try when writing a nerdy narrative.”

pg 74 “Wow, I absolutely detest all of the characters. Especially Lula. If you run away and don’t want people to waste resources, time, and effort in search for you maybe give a call. Spoiled brat. The X-Files is a mediocre show so don’t base your life on it.”

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