Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff // Book Review



Have you ever wondered how these two seemingly incompatible people became inseparable? I’m talking about Waverly and Maribeth. These girls stand at the top of the school and people think they have them figured out. What I honestly appreciate from this book is how their relationship works. There’s a familiarity to being with people you’ve known all your life because you have access to a part of them that no else does.

They both think that they’re the one manipulating the other when in reality, they’re losing control. Waverly begins to question whether she’s as ambitious as Maribeth while Maribeth struggles to come to terms with her life that she’s so carefully planned out spiraling out of control. There’s so much to take away as the central themes focused on expectations and reality. The characters face inner conflict from being too afraid to face rejection and disappointment.

That’s a reason why the romance works so well. There’s an aspect to it that we can relate. Your relationship is not entirely your own. The public court of opinions will judge when reality doesn’t meet their expectations. Yovanoff portrays how it can be difficult to be yourself when there’s an entire system meant to keep you check.

So the fantasy of it all isn’t that every night Waverly and Marshall switch bodies and experience what happened to the other earlier in the day. It’s the fact that people get upset when someone else strays from the social script that’s assign to them. When people are brave enough to be their most honest self and find acceptance, that’s the true fantasy.


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