Once and for All by Sarah Dessen // Book Review



Okay, so I realize that I need to add a quick summary. Louna doesn’t believe in love because, as this book suggests, she hasn’t met the right guy. Also, there’s something about lost love and being jaded. So pretty standard stuff for a Dessen book.

Haaaaaaaaa, I feel as if Dessen has lost her touch. Once and for All lacks any charm or authenticity. Louna deals with her grief by crawling inside of herself internalizing it. To the point that we forget that someone else died instead of her. She’s a walking zombie with the single mantra of “Why me?” It’s all so self centered and melodramatic.

In addition, Ambrose is the equivalent of a man-boy calling women “temperamental” because they don’t want to baby sit him. Imagine a Ryan Lochte with the white privilege and condescension but without the international disgrace for a disgrace on a local scale. I fucking hate this guy. Nothing about him is attractive to anyone older than 13 and even then that’s insulting to 13 year olds every where.

It was promising and should have been a fun read that hit upon some difficult topics but it just comes across as insensitive. Using real political issues or tragic events to “spice” things up is always a mistake.

export 7

I like the pastels which sets the tone. The model just slightly out of the frame is a nice suggestion. There’s movement in the arm and the bouquet that’s helped by the perspective. My only critique is the full justification of the type is static and creates a frame that blocks everything. Overemphasis on the word “once”. It’s still a good iteration of full justified display. Maybe that feeling was intentional.

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