Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley // Book Review



I would like to start with the positives and say that this book gives a good portrayal of grief and how coping is not everyone’s default. Yet, that aspect of the book was cheapen, in my opinion, by the predestined love/you belong with me plot. I mean, it was Taylor Swift all over again and I just wasn’t having it. It was so obvious that Amy is supposed to be this abhorrent girl while Rachel is portrayed in juxtaposition as “the one”. Henry is being manipulated(?) by Amy’s beauty (perhaps other things too) and can’t see the girl next door who was right for him the whole time. In fact, I don’t think that Henry shared any fault in his pursuing of Amy but instead he’s a victim of some sort. This was stupid as fuck and I refuse to be eloquent during this part of the review. Pure trash. I don’t care for the main characters and I found myself skimming their interactions because it was so poorly written/eye roll inducing.

Side note, I did not enjoy George being harassed or being worn down to giving a guy a chance. I think that it was played off as this cute thing where the characters hate each other at the beginning but they grow to like each other. Yeah, I call bullshit because that might not be the healthiest start to a relationship, but what do I know. She even verbally, on multiple occasions, rejects him in a way not subject to misinterpretation (and I quote “fuck off”) but all the other characters pressure her. They say that he’s so nice but is he really? He’s oblivious to the way that people bully her and is a passive bystander to their treatment. It’s like middle school with the logic that George has to like him back because she’s obligated to reciprocate his feelings despite her not feeling the same way.

Not surprisingly, my favorite character is also dead. That says a lot about how we romanticize the memory of a person because they’re no longer alive to contradict them. Pick up this book if you’re into sappy romances that don’t really have anything to offer to the genre. It’s…a book that exists.

export 7

It’s beautiful and is the sole reason why this book is three stars instead of two. Enough said.

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