The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock // Book Review



The stories were better than I thought they’d be but I still feel…empty. Everything wrapped up pretty neatly that I wonder why. If all the problems of the world could be fixed by coincidences and magical predestination then what’s the point. I question if the characters were authentic or pieces to be moved around to teach us a lesson about grief. If that was the aim then I think I might be too harsh. I just couldn’t shake the shallowness of character motivations other then to move the plot along.

I mean of course they’re headed to that town and of course they all come across one another. That’s totally how destiny works. It’s a romantic idea but I’m not buying it. I would recommend this book for the themes that it handles of forgiveness and courage. Although it seems to me a superficial depiction due to the large cast of perspective. Some moments were touching while others were really cheesy like a Lifetime movie. It’s a mixed bag.

export 7

Gorgeous. It’s both a technical and aesthetic masterpiece. There, I said it. There’s so many clever things happening from the hyphen acting as a star to everything leading to the small house like a billow of smoke.

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