Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang // Book Review



There’s something about reading that allows you to empathize. When you get to peer into the lives of people that seem so distant, you realize that closing the gap requires the ability to listen. The lives of these families and, particularly the young generation of girls, trying to fit in is a story that we might find familiar. Parents making sacrifices in order to  ensure that you do better than they were able to. Being a kid and not understanding that every little thing you do matters because you just want to be a kid. It’s frustrating to be burdened with so many responsibilities but at the same time you want to validate your parent’s struggles.

Sometimes it was hard to read the complicated and even deteriorating relationships because failure isn’t an option. This should be a happy story of triumph but in reality what does it mean to succeed. Finally owning a house, having a regular job, or eating sour fruit with your mom while your dad is with his girlfriend. It can be brutal and I love it.


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Very tasteful. It reminds me of a still life but with elements of glitch art. Perhaps they’re string but I think this effect is due to fiddling with the code of the image. I like the handwriting and relish in the occasions that they appear on book covers.


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 6.13.55 PM

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