The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter // Book Review



I’m still coming off of this ride with weak knees. Let me be brutally honest, there is graphic material in this, namely gun violence and sexual assault. It is okay to take breaks when reading a Karin Slaughter book.

In the scope of things, I think there were precious moments where the characters deal with survivor’s guilt and how being saved can also be suffocating. Your being is no longer entirely yours when you owe someone your life. I never realized that failure comes easier when you have no one else to disappoint. There’s so many points to bring up that I don’t want to disregard The Good Daughter as another conventional adult mystery.

“Two sisters, Sam and Charlie, have to confront their dark past when a brutal crime is committed in their hometown years later. Sam never wants to step foot back while Charlie can’t seem to move forward. They are faced to meet in the middle and confront their differences about what happened the day it all went wrong.”

If any of that sounds familiar then you’ve stepped into a well trodden story plot. Yet, Slaughter manages to bring a new perspective. By having the killer revealed, what’s left is the aftermath of the damage. Grief settles in and we get to see that it’s still there despite the person responsible punished. It’s all of the best parts of Law and Order as people are shown to be dimensional and flawed.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 6.27.42 PM.png


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