Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler // Book Review



Much about a story of disillusionment, I happened to interpret it with a hopeful tone. In the end, would Tess have been happy if she continued on this path? I’d like to think that she has been given another chance to find happiness rather than settling for a life stuck in limbo.

Whether it’s about the drugs, sex, or alcohol (wine in this case)
Image result for wine gif
Tess was a person with little ambition but lofty dreams. She wants the New York lifestyle of being a sophisticated and cultured socialite. However, she falls into a serving occupation latching onto a coworker who is living Tess’s supposed dream and a man who could compliment that life. Tess’s new aim is to be the best fucking server in New York . She uses this as a starting point mainly because it fulfills her immediate needs and offers an excuse for not expecting better for herself.

To be honest, I think this book may speak to many young people pressured by the concept of happiness as an end game but not being able to realize that happiness is a series of moments in between. Maybe the cliche theme got to me but let me say that I was damn gotten to.

export 7
The cover is exceptional. The fact that you can see the presence of the hand shows the care in the design instead of simply choosing a type that mimics handwriting. In addition, the grainy texture reminds me of taking someone’s order. The imagery is a not so subtle hint of the theme of the book. A broken wine that that would surely cut you if you tried to drink from it. The red of the wine looks both menacing and alluring with the salmon pink cover.

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