Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr // Book Review



Sisterhood is not always an unshakeable bond of girl power. Sometimes, it’s like being a prisoner of war in your own household and finding solace in a fellow prisoner. Is it a relationship out of choice or out of necessity?

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I like this dynamic because Gem and Dixie are struggling to survive any way they know how. Whether it’s lying to themselves or lying to others, it’s a compelling story. I went through these girls’ emotions of frustration amidst a world that seems indifferent to their almost but not quite situation. It was authentic in a way that showed female solidarity doesn’t have to take the form of unconditional friendship with hugging and crying. It can be about taking different paths and respecting the other’s decision offering support should the other need it. That’s still a great message. No guilt, no blame.

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I’m always wary of using models because it can be cheesy especially on paranormal/fantasy books. But the composition of the ying and yang is so thoughtful. The faded photography offers a soft touch. I like the position of the type and the use of color to help differentiate the justification. So that’s why I’m confused that the title and author’s name is too close together. Still one of my favorite covers this year.

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