Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney // Book Review



Whenever it comes to describing books I like, I am at a loss for words in contrast to books I find terrible. Honestly, I do think it’s bad that I relate to these characters because in anybody’s eyes, they are pretentious assholes. The whole time I was reading this book, I kept thinking “Exactly!” while laughing at the jokes others didn’t get. I could feel ashamed but I’m still growing as a person and that makes me happy if nothing else.

I don’t have such strict concepts of monogamy so Frances’s relationship with Nick didn’t bother me as much. Cheating is a real thing and I feel open relationships are easier said than done. But the way the relationship unfolded seemed so…not unethical(?). It was realistic in the sense that there was less sexual passion and more about two lonely people finding each other for a pity party.

I also freaking loved that Frances is bisexual and she is still close friendship with her ex, Bobbi. This screams millennials in a way that doesn’t use the generation as an obvious punching bag. It’s a interesting introspective look about being disillusioned with flawed concepts of true love, the perfect career, and female friendships.

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The Kindle edition is better hands down. The crop is necessary and the font gives an appropriate modern flare. I don’t think the horizontal bars serve any function. We already read from left to right and we would automatically connect the two portraits. Other than that, the illustration is beautiful but be aware that the characters do not resemble the cover.

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